About Us

M/s. Charminar Contracting LLC Establishment was set up in 2003 to cater to fast expanding and discerning market. From a very humble start, with less than 25 employees, we now have a work force of over 1200 employees which comprises of different nationalities from various countries like Bangladesh Egypt, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Oman and Sri Lanka.

With dedication and hard work it has been possible to develop and establish business relationship that till date remains in contact.

Our team, comprising of trained and motivated workmen and experienced supervisory staff along with all necessary infrastructural support, ensures that client satisfaction is maintained at very high levels. A healthy growth in number of contracts, employee strength and revenue stands as testimonial to the success of our policy of giving high quality service to the customers.

Our objective and goal is to provide the clients with good contracting in a thoroughly professional manner at reasonable prices and a personalized service to meet satisfaction of the customer which they deserve. We are always looking forward to new challenges, innovations and expansions of our contracting to please our customers. Ultimately, we value the needs of our clients, their business relationship and reputation.

Message From Our CEO

Blue Diamond Group was set up in the year 1995 to cater fast expanding and discerning market. Our objectives and goals are to provide the clients with personalized Contractingin a thoroughly professional manner and at a reasonable price. We always look forward to new challenges, innovations and expansions of our Contracting to please our customers. Ultimately, we value the needs of our clients, their business relationship and their reputation Charminar Contracting LLC is a professional cleaning company that has been working for quite long in order to provide everyone with great cleaning Contracting. Trust, we have gone beyond in improving our Contracting with the huge investments in bringing world’s most brilliant tools and equipments to provide you with all kind of works.

We pride ourselves on our valued employees – the most important asset to us in delivering our goals and vision and whose primary focus is always to provide a great professional service whilst building long standing relationships with our clients. Their skills, experience and creative thinking provides the cornerstone of the contracting that we offer in our approach to meeting our client needs.

We celebrate individuality and respect the differences of our varied teams. We are united by our difference and this means that our people florish in an environment that allows them to produce and be their very best.

I thank everyone for appreciations we keep receiving for your love and care and for recommending our Contracting to your friends, families, and even colleagues, we appreciate your honest relationships with us and we will keep introducing new Contracting and prices and packages which meet your budget.

We trust that you will soon have a need for one of our Contracting and we look forward to welcoming you on board as one of our valued clients. We are the very best to work with and work for.

Yours faithfully, 

Muhammad Bhaskara Reddy 


Blue Diamond Group of companies