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Charminar Contracting LLC offers a full line of quality premium deck railings for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We have a huge selection of aluminium railings, steel railings, picket railings, powder coated railings that can be used for building a deck, patio, pool deck, fencing, deck renovation, balcony restoration, stair railings, and wind walls.

It involves the meticulous planning, design, and overseeing of steel structures utilized in construction endeavors. It encompasses the fabrication and installation of pivotal elements such as steel beams, columns, and more, which serve as the backbone for buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. Skilled engineers and workers are crucial in ensuring precise measurement, cutting, and fitting of these steel components, adhering to rigorous safety and quality protocols. 

  • Design and Engineering:  Developing detailed blueprints and specifications for steel parts.
  •  Fabrication:  Involves the cutting, shaping, and assembling of steel parts according to the project specifications.
  • Construction and Setup: Securely putting together steel components at the construction site, such as beams, columns, and frameworks.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Offering continuous assistance to uphold the strength and durability of steel construction

Professional steel contracting services are crucial for the successful execution of construction projects, offering expertise in handling complex steel works efficiently and effectively.

Products in Steel Contracting

We use high-quality railing systems are virtually maintenance-free and will add a lifetime of beauty and value to your property. Our aluminium, steel and picket deck railings are fabricated and shipped in pre-assembled sections for your specific project, drastically reducing installation time. Our prices are competitive, and our service is second to none.

All our products are jobsite measured, cut, welded, and powder coated. We fabricate all our products from start to finish as well as install them.

Our products are designed to meet building codes as well as engineering standards.

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